Quality and enjoyment
from the Allgäu.

Pure pleasure for at home or on the go. That certain extra something for your coffee or tea. The right ingredient for cooking and baking. Milk products from Saliter make a difference. And you can taste it! 0% stabilisers. 100% pure Allgäu milk. Enjoy it to the full!

Store in a dark place.
Milk is sensitive to light. In order to allow you to enjoy the great quality of Saliter products to the full, please store them in a dark place.

Discover our whole range of flavours

Whether it’s for breakfast, coffee break or any time in between – our lovely Allgäu alpine milk is versatile and guaranteed to always taste good!

Our flavoured drinks

Sometimes sweet and sometimes fruity – right on taste for milk fans of all ages. Our secret – it’s the mix that makes it.

Organic products

Organic is almost yesterday’s news here: we’ve been producing high quality organic products for more than 30 years.

Condensed milk

Marvellously creamy and rich, our condensed milk is guaranteed to impress at coffee time.

Everything for your coffee

But not for those who drink their coffee black – our milk and cream products are specially designed to make your coffee even more delicious. Something for everyone, whatever their taste!

Dried milk powder

Versatile, and also great for young milk drinkers – our milk powder is a valuable source of milk protein.