Organic is not a new concept for us – we’ve been producing a high quality organic range covering many products, from skimmed condensed milk and coffee cream through to chocolate milk, for more than 30 years.

Our solid partnerships with 50 Bioland organic farmers mean not only that we produce the highest quality milk products, but also that we make a significant contribution to protection of the climate, nature and the environment. 

This isn’t something we just claim to achieve – it’s guaranteed by the EU organic logo and the Bioland logo on our products. And to keep it this way, we undergo inspections at least twice a year. 

Our cows love organic too – grazing outside in the summer, plenty of room to move around and an enclosure with straw to lie on – our organic farmers like to make sure their animals are well looked after. All their feed is GMO-free  and comes from organic farms. This so-called circular economy ensures sustainable and natural farming.

Bioland – Farming for the Future

We are proud that our products carry the Bioland logo.

Bioland is the largest association in Germany for farming which is ecologically, economically and socially responsible. Its aim is to support and implement a sustainable and resource-efficient approach to agriculture beyond the pricing pressures of the agricultural industry.  

The benefits are obvious – in addition to food of the highest quality and a healthy environmental balance, the production of Bioland foodstuffs makes an important contribution to developing and maintaining a strong, local, independent farming community. 

Appropriate animal husbandry and a cultivated landscape, instead of declining species and stripped monoculture landscapes – Bioland has been campaigning for these things for the last 40 years. The seven Bioland principles form important cornerstones for farming for the future.

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