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Pure nature. Pure taste. Milk from Saliter.

Hills and mountains, as far as the eye can see. Pure clean air. Lush green pastures. Here nature is at her most beautiful. Enjoy the Allgäu to the full with our Saliter range. Made naturally from the best Allgäu alpine milk.

Healthy pleasure –
with a clear conscience!

We are proud of being the oldest dairy in Bavaria, Germany. For over three hundred years we have worked in harmony with people, animals and nature. That’s why, to this day, the Saliter name stands for reliable quality and pleasure.

Animal husbandry in tune with nature and with the animals

Happy cows? With us this is not a marketing ploy – our farmers produce milk using certified natural and species-appropriate animal husbandry for our traditional dairy. 100% pure Allgäu milk. 100% real taste. With no compromises.

Regional production

All our milk comes from farmers in our immediate area. And because we are committed to regional production, we protect the precious resources of our homeland. For the sake of the people, animals and the environment!!


We always give 100% – in taste, and in recycling. That’s why we always use glass bottles for our milk. To save resources and energy – and to benefit the environment!

Discover our whole range of flavours

Whether it’s for breakfast, coffee break or in between – our lovely Allgäu alpine milk is versatile and guaranteed to taste good any time!

Our flavoured drinks

Sometimes sweet and sometimes fruity – right on taste for milk fans of all ages. Our secret – it’s the mix that makes it.

Organic products

Organic is almost yesterday’s news here: we’ve been producing high quality organic products for more than 30 years.

Condensed milk

Marvellously creamy and rich, our condensed milk is guaranteed to impress at coffee time.

Everything for your coffee

But not for those who drink their coffee black – our milk and cream products are specially designed to make your coffee even more delicious. Something for everyone, whatever their taste!

Dried milk powder

Versatile, and also great for young milk drinkers – our milk powder is a valuable source of milk protein.

From the Allgäu to your coffee table – the journey our milk makes

Our cows

Our cows have it good! Because our farmers look after every one of their 30 or so cows with loving care. The result? Exquisite Allgäu milk – without any genetic manipulation! But with a rich, full taste.

Our farmers

Always close by. Always reliable: our farmers. Every one of the small farms that supply us is within 30 km of our dairy. We have worked with most of them for many years and know every farmer and every cow by name.

Our dairy

The milk is processed and bottled In our dairy in tranquil Obergünzburg. Our careful manufacturing processes and the high standards of our long-time employees are the hallmark of production at Saliter.

Our aim

We offer just the right taste experience for every milk lover. And now, with our packaging design makeover, our products tell the story of where they come from – the Allgäu, with its green mountainsides, lush pastures and happy cows. So milk drinkers of all ages will enjoy them.

The latest from the Allgäu

Contented cows, friendly farmers and full milk churns – there’s always something happening here! We’ll keep you updated here.

Milk delights to appeal to all your senses

Milk delights to appeal to all your senses

Mmmmm.....! You can hear how good it tastes – in our new radio advert, our flavoured milk drinks will make anyone with a sweet tooth go into raptures.  In order to give you the wonderfully fruity taste of strawberries and the rich sweetness of chocolate and vanilla we...

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Saliter goes Social Media

Always in with the latest trends – with our new social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll keep you up to date with all the news from the company. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAxaZ8vo6Yv/ We’re looking forward to providing you with lots of SALITER content....

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Trainee vacancies for 2021

Trainee vacancies for 2021

We are also offering trainee positions for the next year: - Milk technologist- Electronic engineer for operating equipment- Industrial mechanic Would you like to find out everything about milk and produce interesting products? Or would you like to develop your...

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New eye-catcher for our plant

New eye-catcher for our plant

Today we are proud to present the new design banner for our premises. To match the new designs for our lorry fleet, we have given our exterior signage a makeover. We find it really eye-catching: we hope you do too.

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New look for our vehicle fleet

New look for our vehicle fleet

It’s not only our brand which has undergone a face-lift – our company’s vehicle fleet has got a brand new shine, too. To mark the start of spring our vehicles have been given a makeover, and they will now bring the fresh look of our beautiful Allgäu onto the streets....

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The easy alternative to milk

The easy alternative to milk

Whether you want milk for drinking or for baking, with our powdered milk you’ll always be well prepared! Made from great-tasting milk from the Allgäu, our powdered milk is the ideal base for a balanced diet.Because it doesn’t need to be kept refrigerated, long-life...

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Our new organic range

In our ever-expanding range of organic products you will find everything your heart desires, specially tailored to your individual tastes. We offer a wide variety of organic products, ranging from light organic skimmed condensed milk with only 0.2% fat, to organic coffee milk with 4% fat, through to organic coffee cream with 10% fat.

Pioneers of the dairy industry

With over 300 years experience in the dairy trade, we are one of the oldest dairies in Bavaria. Excellent quality and pure pleasure – this is what our company has stood for since 1713. And that didn’t change when we joined the Ehrmann Group in 1998.

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