What does GMO-free mean?

  • We do not use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) nor any parts of GMOs, nor do we use any vitamins, enzymes or other food additives produced with the aid of genetically modified microorganisms.
  • Our farmers pledge to not use genetically modified animal feed nor any animal feed produced using GMO ingredients.

We voluntarily include the ‘GMO-free’ logo, awarded by VLOG, the German Association for Food Production without Genetic Engineering, on our products. This means that you can be sure our milk contains only the best that nature provides.

EU Organic certification

Our organic products also have EU organic certification. Awarded by the EU, this marking aims to promote organic farming. Each of our products carrying the EU organic logo conforms to the following requirements:

  • we do not use any chemical/synthetic pesticides or fertilisers;
  • we observe natural, species-appropriate animal husbandry. Each small farm therefore has a maximum herd size of 30 animals, all of which are fed with organic feed. The use of preventative antibiotics is prohibited;
  • we do not use genetically modified (GMO) animal feed or food additives;
  • only 53 additives are permitted to be used in our production processes (in conventional products in the EU 316 are permitted).

To guarantee the dependable high quality of our milk products, we regularly submit our products for monitoring.

Which means you can enjoy our products with a clear conscience!