Saliter – Natürlich aus dem Allgäu

Saliter – costumized products/B2B

Well-known manufacturers from all over the world are our customers for many years. This is for special reasons:

  • We develop tailored solutions to suit the special requirements of our customers in our in-house laboratory.
  • Our production system warrants top quality in each production phase – up to the packaging and packing.
  • And: the Saliter team ensures reliability without compromise.

And, what can we do for you?

Our areas of operations

Special liquid foods
The production of special liquid products, e.g. baby food, enteral clinical foods and diet foods, requires sensitivity. Our experts have many years of experience in producing these sensitive products.

Powdered products
Today, Saliter produces yearly round about 8 million kilograms of powdered milk products. Their range reaches from classic products e.g. milk powder to very rich cream powder as well as refined special powder. All this is also available in organic quality.

You will find more information about our job order production here:

500 ml PT 200 ml PT 90 ml PT 330 g HDPE
500 ml HDPE 200 ml HDPE 90 ml HDPE 330 g HDPE