Saliter – Natürlich aus dem Allgäu

Bio-Wiese30 years organic!

Organic means that the dairy cattle is treated species-appropriate by keeping them on the pasture for grazing during the summer and by providing plenty of open-air and straw-bedded areas for them. Organic agriculture means that the land is managed in a sustainable way, without using synthetic chemical nitrogen fertilizers.

Naturally, the organic milk is also not genetically manipulated.

In our product range you find everything your heart desires, from the light condensed skimmed milk with a fat content of only 0.2% fat to the 4% coffee milk to the 10% coffee cream. All of this is supplemented with organic chocolate milk that is made with high-quality cacao, which offers you an intensive taste experience.

Bio-FrüstückOrganic? – For sure!

A multi-stage control system, from the organic farmer to the processor to the retailer, guarantees you that the product labelled organic actually is truly organic. Controls are performed on the basis of the EU organic farming regulations at least twice a year. All organic products carry the organic farming label of the European Union.

BiolandOrganic? – Bioland! Bioland-Weidekuh

The milk for our organic products is supplied by the Bioland-farmers from the Allgäu.

The guidelines of the German Farming Association Bioland are in many ways much stricter than the regulations of the EU Organic Farming Regulation. The sustainable closed loop economy is an important point of this economic method.

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