Saliter – Natürlich aus dem Allgäu

Saliter – A story from Bavaria.

We are celebrating our 300-year anniversary! Here you can find out more about our company history.

historie 1713In 1713, Johann Georg Gabler marries the daughter of Sebastian Feigele, a saltpeter miner. The profession is called “Saliterer“ – now you know how Saliter got its name. The family founded the Gabler- Saliter trading company.

historie 1911More than a hundred years ago, J. Michael Gabler succeeded in finding a technical revolution – he invented the milk drying. For the first time it is possible to cure milk. The so-called Saliter method is used under license throughout the world.

historie 1948Another milestone of the company – the first high-quality milk for children is developed by Hans Gabler. This is still an important business area until today.

historie 1988High-Tech is introduced to the Allgäu: modern systems for UHT and aseptic filling go into operation.

historie 1998Since then, the company is part of the Ehrmann Group and is managed according to its almost 300-year-old tradition.

historie 2013historie bellWe are celebrating our 300-year anniversary!