Saliter – Natürlich aus dem Allgäu

Coffee cream, evaporated milk, mixed milk beverages.
Naturally from Allgäu!

We are proud to be one of the oldest Bavarian diary producers – with a more than 300 years of tradition! For generations, we have been working in harmony with humans, environment and nature. Today the name Saliter stands for enjoyment and quality from the Allgäu. Three centuries of tradition is a strong commitment. Connoisseurs can be sure that all our products are made from pure Allgäu Milk from the Alps.

Selected suppliers.
High-quality branded products.

We obtain our milk exclusively from regional dairy farmers. The farmers and we are closely connected through many years of cooperation.They take pride in their work and proceed with respect to nature and sustainability for the years to come.

Aside from our branded products, we also produce high-quality milk powder and special liquid including but not limited to baby and clinical food products.

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