8 x Gold and 1 x Silver in the DLG Quality Test

by | Jan 29, 2021 | News

We have news! We are pleased to announce our huge success in the international quality test for milk and milk products run by the DLG (German Farming Association).

The high quality of our products so impressed the experts in the DLG Test Centre that they awarded us no fewer than eight gold medals and a silver. The DLG Test Centre is a leading centre for quality assessment of foodstuffs. Products which are tested and found to fulfil all the DLG quality criteria are given a gold, silver or bronze ‘DLG Award’ which testifies to the quality of the product. 

Multiple examinations of the product form the basis for the DLG tests. The results of the sensory analysis of the products are gathered, in addition to packaging and labelling tests and other (laboratory) analyses. ‘Every product was tested by experts using the latest neutral, scientifically-proven testing methods,’ emphasises Project Leader Inka Scharf.